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The VerTmax is a family of light-weight pneumatically-extending telescopic poles designed to deliver a grappling hook and ascending ladder for use in acoustically covert urban method of entry and marine ship-boarding operations.  The extended length of the pole is controlled by the amount of compressed air released from the reservoir, making each VerTmax telescopic pole infinitely variable in height over the length of the pole.  Poles are buoyant, allowing for later collection by a recovery team in maritime ops.  These systems may also be adapted to deploy antennae or wireless cameras.

The VerTmax is the ultimate pneumatic solution to the ascending pole. Utilizing patented compressed air technology, the VerTmax is non-pyrotechnic, reusable, and refillable.   As the compressed air from the reservoir fills the telescopic pole, each of the segments fill silently, extending the pole up.  The operator controls the extended length of the telescopic pole by regulating the flow of air with the reservoir valve.  Any vertical increment within the height of the pole is achieved by simply releasing the valve and engaging the hook at the intended target.
The VerTmax comes in standard lengths of 9, 12, and 15 m.  Custom lengths are available upon request.

  • VerTmax Telescopic Pole Sections are made of 6061-T6 Black Anodized Aircraft Aluminum Tubing
  • 2,000 psi / 140 bar service pressure

MAXimum Speed
A single operator can fully extend the VerTmax with grappling hook and tactical ladder, a camera, or an antenna in a matter of seconds, surpassing the performance of traditional wind up poles.  The telescopic pole can be extended multiple times from a single charge of compressed air.


Ladder Options

Appropriate ladder lengths are sold with the corresponding length of pole.
Part # Description Minimum
Break Load
per Length
    lbs kg lbs kg
1709 Tactical Ladder - 30ft/9m 4,800 2,180 3.4 1.5
1712 Tactical Ladder - 40ft/12m 4,800 2,180 4.5 2.0
1715 Tactical Ladder - 50ft/15m 4,800 2,180 5.5 2.5


MAXimum Silence
The acoustic signature of the VerTmax is minimal as the pole extends, giving the user a covert advantage.  Titanium grappling hooks supplied with the VerTmax are dipped in EFEX for sound signature reduction when attaching the hook to your point of entry.

MAXimum Efficiency
The extended pole is buoyant and may be left alongside the target after deploying the hook and ladder for later collection by a recovery team.


  • System Reservoir
    The lifting force for the VerTmax comes from 2,000 psi/ 140 bar of compressed air in the system reservoir.  The volume of air contained in the reservoir allows multiple lifts from a single charge.
  • VerTmax Telescopic Pole Assembly
    The pole assemblies are crafted from 6061-T6 Aluminum tubing.  A quick coupler at the base of the pole assembly allows for easy attaching to the system reservoir.  A range of accessories can be attached to the tip of the VerTmax Pole, including a grappling hook or wireless camera.   Each of the pole segments can be removed for servicing or replacement in case of damage.
  • 9.5" Ledger Style Hook
    Made from Titanium and coated in a EFEX Sound Signature Reducer, this hook silently attaches to a variety of targets. This Ledger Style Hook can be secured onto window sill or parapet for stealth entry into a building.   All hooks come with the convenient contact release mechanism which allows the user to detach the hook from the pole for rapid ascent.
  • 6.5" Pipe Style Hook
    Made from Titanium and coated in a EFEX Sound Signature Reducer, this Pipe Style Hook will allow easy attachment to a railing up to 6.5 inches / 16.5 cm wide.  All hooks come with the convenient contact release mechanism which allows the user to detach the hook from the pole for rapid ascent.
  • 14.5" Ledger style Grappling Hook
    The 14.5" Ledger Style Grappling Hook is designed to be secured onto deeper window sills, parapets, or other ledges which are too wide for engaging the 9.5" Ledger Style Hook. This hook can be supplied with any of our standard or customized kits.    Custom hooks are also available.
  • Ledger Hook Rollers (Optional)
    Optional removable rollers can be supplied with any of the VerTmax ledger hooks and will assist in navigating up wall faces or the hulls of ships.
  • Tactical Ladder
    Lightweight, durable, and acoustically covert. Constructed of nylon webbing with fiberglass rungs at 12 in /30 cm o.c., this ladder is available in 9, 12, 15 m lengths that can be fully deployed vertically. Side members have a combined breaking strength of 4,800 lbs / 2,180 kg.
  • Quick Connect / Disconnect Fittings
    Used to easily and quickly connect / disconnect the Streamline Filler Hose Assembly to/from the compressed air source. Different fittings are available for interface with each of DIN, SCBA, or SCUBA.
  • Telescopic Pole Sleeve
    Made of Cordura fabric and equipped with a convenient carry handle, this sleeve provides protection for the Telescopic Pole Assembly and allows for easy transport.
  • Kit Bag
    Cordura fabric carry bag is designed for durability and convenience. Features include padded section for the reservoir and internal zippered storage pocket for the line container and filler hose.

Standard Kits

Kit 109 - VerTmax 30ft / 9m Pole Specification Sheet
Kit 110 - VerTmax Compact 30ft / 9m Specification Sheet
Kit 112 - VerTmax 40ft / 12m Pole Specification Sheet
Kit 115 - VerTmax 50ft / 15m Pole Specification Sheet

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